Prompt engineering is a cutting-edge discipline that focuses on harnessing the full potential of language models by strategically designing input instructions ("prompts")



  • Development

    Using prompts in production-ready apps. Helping companies adopt generative AI by sharing use cases, best practices, and lessons learned.

  • Experimentation

    Pure research, experiments, arts, and ideas - the "tomorrow" of prompt engineering, if you wish.


Our target audience is very broad, so when choosing sessions, we make sure the content is engaging and useful for everyone interested in communicating with generative AI tools.

Using AI policy

We believe that 100% (or so) AI-generated sessions will not meet the quality standards we expect. At the same time, we encourage presenters to use prompt engineering to improve their talk proposal and session content.

userHow can I join the conference?
assistantThe conference is in the early stages of planning, so there are many opportunities for you:


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Community partner

Are you organizing a community focused on the generative AI topics? Let your people know about the conferences they can join the fun as attendees and presenters! Contact us for the details.


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userWho is organizing this conference?
assistantPrompt Engineering Conference is a community-driven event organized by a group of generative AI enthusiasts:
Maxim Salnikov

Maxim Salnikov

Developer Productivity @ Microsoft
Erich Hellstrom

Erich Hellstrom

Founder @ Prompt Perfect
Dan Cleary

Dan Cleary

Founder @ Prompt Hub

Event partner in the Asian region

Goda Go


Microsoft MVP, ChatU CEO